Safety Deposit Boxes

Safety & Security

Secure Vault

The Safety Deposit Centre has a Class Grade 10 Vault, which makes it one of the most secure vaults in Birmingham.

Flood & Fire

Flood & Fire Resistant purpose built vault


24 hour CCTV recording, covering ALL areas of the premises

Alarm System

Full state of the art alarm systems


Biometric Finger Print Read, giving complete security for access

No Duplicates

Only the client has a copy of their Safety Deposit Box key, no duplicates exist.

Alert team

Access into the building is controlled at all times by our specialist team

Single Access

Only one client allowed into vault at any one time.

Privacy Protected

Discreet service with clients identity covered under the Data Protection Act

Access Procedure

You are free to visit us at anytime during our opening hours, we would request however that to ensure your visit is both discreet and productive you book an appointment.
On arrival at our secure centre you will be greeted in the reception by one of our team who will identify you before giving you access to the first section of our controlled access vault.
You will be required to use your finger print in our biometric reader to gain access to the vault.
At all of the above processes you will be guided through by one of our team who will also accompany you to the vault.
Each safety deposit box requires 2 keys to access, one of these is your unique key the other is held by the member of the team accompanying you.
Once our representative has assisted you in opening your safety deposit centre, they will leave you, on your own, in the vault.
Within the vault there is a private viewing area that is not covered by any of our CCTV cameras. Here you can discreetly and in privacy examine the contents of your box.
You will be allotted a 15 minute time slot within the vault and you may leave at anytime during that period.

To open an account and get access to a safety deposit box you will be required to provide

Opening an account

Picture proof of Identity

Passport or Driving Licence

Proof of Address

Current household bill (gas, electricity, water or council tax) current bank statement or credit card statement Please note any proof of address needs to be: a. The Original b. No more than 3 months old.


A key deposit of £150 will be required on top of the box price when opening a contract. This is refundable providing the keys are not lost and handed over at the end of the contract.

Important Information


We strongly recommend that you take and keep photographs and up-to-date valuations of valuables stored in your safety deposit box as well as make copies of documents stored in the safe deposit box.

The Safety Deposit carries comprehensive risk insurance which means we are able to pass along this benefit to our customers. This cover is limited and we would recommend that an individual takes out their own insurance where necessary.
We are unable to suggest or recommend the amount of insurance cover which you may require, however we are able to provide you with details of a highly recommended broker who will be able to advise you fully on your insurance requirements. We can also supply you with details of an independent VALUATION service.

We accept no responsibility or liability for the amount of insurance that you have applied for.

We reserve the right to refuse to accept a request for insurance cover without giving a reason.

Please see the INSURANCE section of our website for full details.

Lost Key & Key Deposit

Lost keys cannot be replaced. The key issued is UNIQUE. If you lose your key then the only access into your safety deposit box will be via the services of a locksmith.

You receive a set of two keys per locker.

Unfortunately if this situation should occur then the cost of replacing the lock and issuing a new UNIQUE key will be passed onto you.

We have negotiated a special rate with a locksmith and the charges will be: £150. This is paid on your initial visit and refunded at the end of the contract provided that both keys are not lost or damaged.

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